How Will This Devotional Work?

Hi friend! 

Welcome to A Light In The Darkness Devotional! I am overjoyed to have you here! Thank you for entrusting me with your time and sharing in this with me. Before we get started I want to say that the Lord sees you in this, making an effort to get to know Him better, that in the busyness of life, you are saying yes and choosing to spend time getting into His word and intentionally trying to hear from him. I pray that with each message, you leave feeling closer to the Lord.

There will be a devotion for you every Monday-Friday. This is what you can expect when you go through it:

  1. Verse(s) from the Bible that I am reading/studying. If you can, read along with me, YouVersion Bible app is great if you are doing this all on your phone. I may occasionally throw in a quote from a book or sermon that I believe needs to be shared as well on an “off” day.
  2. Background to our scripture, anything I felt the Lord pressing on my heart as I read, what stood out or I learned from the application in my Bible and/or any further research.
  3. Question(s) for you to reflect on so that you can apply the scripture to your own personal journey with the Lord. If possible, I’d recommend journaling these in a notebook or the notes on your phone.
  4. A prayer to close us out.  

I cannot wait to hear about the ways the Lord moves/speaks to you in this. I pray His word becomes rooted in our hearts and that our light for Him shines so brightly that it is obvious to others that we are followers of Jesus. (Matthew 5:16) That we don’t just believe His Word, but that we reflect Him too. 

As we begin this journey together tomorrow, I’d love you see y’all share in the comments about your experiences. Plus, it will give you an opportunity to chat with others who are a part of this community.

See you tomorrow for Day 1!

*Disclaimer: I am NO bible expert, just a woman who felt called to share His word the best that I can. For more info on me and this devotional, check out the About Me tab. And if you would like to receive the link to each message directly to your phone, please submit your number via the Contact page.

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