Don’t Stop

Today’s verse seems unusual right? Well, let me explain. The problems Saul had with David just got worse! Today, we are going to read through 1 Samuel 19 and 20. `Saul told his son Jonathan (remember him and David are the closest of friends) to kill David. But Jonathan spoke up on David’s behalf and Saul listened, for now! In fact, he took an oath that David would not be put to death and so David came back to playing his lyre for Saul, but once again war broke out with the Philistines and the Lord made David successful. That evil spirit in Saul came back afterwards and he tried to kill David while he was playing for him, AGAIN! So, David escaped from being with Saul and when he got home, his wife Michal, Saul’s daughter, told him to basically run for his life and she helped him to flee. When David fled, he went to see Samuel. Side note-I LOVE how he went back to the man that anointed him king when he was in trouble. Saul heard where he was and sent men to capture him, but when they arrived they saw a group of prophets prophesying and Samuel was their leader; scripture tells us “The Spirit of God came on Saul’s men and they also prophesied.” (v.20) He sent three groups of men and this happened each time, so Saul decided to go himself, well the Spirit of God even came on him and he prophesied. With this happening David fled once again, but this time to meet his best bud Jonathan. David is now certain that Saul is out to kill him, but based on the oath Saul gave Jonathan, Jonathan still doesn’t think so, so the two of them create a plan to determine for certain. There was a festival at this time called the New Moon feast, and Jonathan was to cover for David not being there; he went out in hiding so Jonathan could get a feel for what Saul’s plan really was, and according to their plan, if Saul reacted peacefully to David’s absence, then Jonathan knew David was safe, but if Saul got angry, Jonathan was going to go out where David was hiding and tell him he had to go. Well, I doubt you are shocked, but Saul was angry! So angry that he even tried to kill Jonathan for taking David’s side. Jonathan then went out to where David was hiding and through their plan he shared that he had to go and he had to go in a hurry and not stop, today’s verse!

Scripture tells us that Jonathan actually shouted today’s scripture “Hurry! Go quickly! Don’t stop!” Can you hear the panic, anger and grief in his voice? He knew David’s life was in danger and he knew he had to get out of town quick, even though this would be so heartbreaking for their friendship. Scripture says after Jonathan said this that they wept together. The reason this verse stood out is because you can feel the emotion, for both men. We can feel David just overcome with sadness that what he feared was true and that now he was literally going to be running for his life. As well as Jonathan, that his own father was trying to kill his best friend. These weren’t normal “goodbye” circumstances, this was devastating for them both.

What does this now mean for David? All he could do was trust God’s plan. And I felt this scripture go down that route as I read it. That when God calls us to something, he wants us to act. Have you ever felt something on your heart and went in circles over it, made up excuses or even ignored it, only for it to keep coming up again and again. What if when we feel God call, we move, quickly to figure out what He’s calling us to, we don’t stop pressing in and asking and praying until we feel confident in what He’s asking us to trust him with. God’s plan can hurt sometimes, just like it did with David and Jonathan, but it’s in all those years leading up to this that David saw time after time God’s faithfulness and built such a strong trust. Maybe what you are sitting with is uncomfortable or could cause tension or even just seems impossible, but when we hear today’s scripture, we can break it down to the next step, instead of trying to figure out the whole plan. In my experience, most often it’s in the “next step” of faith that I look back and say, “there HE was”. Now, I’m not saying to act quick on something we aren’t sure of if it’s from God or that if we act quick, well be at the finish line today of what He’s calling us to, but instead it’s to be quick to listen, then take it in and trust and lastly to obey with a response. Then do it again. And don’t stop looking and seeking the Lord’s guidance for that next right step.

Think on something that you are wanting to hear from God about, ask Him to show you what the next step is that he wants for you. Journal out your thoughts or tugs at your heart as you ask and sit with it. Don’t wait, do it now!

Heavenly father, you again show us a friendship that is deep. One that you protected David through using Jonathan and strengthened their bond through such a hard thing. That in the midst of such anger and hatred coming from Saul, you show us love and friendship. You are present in this time. Although the call was different between David and Jonathan, I ask that you press on our hearts the next step. With this circumstance that we are facing, help us to act quickly to hear from you, to continue to press into prayer and your word so that we can confirm as to what that is. Then we pray you reveal to us what and guide us into action and obedience. We desire to be obedient to your callings and we don’t want to delay thinking of all the worldly things that could happen, but rather to act quickly on your behalf, based on a trust that you’ve got us. Help us to grow in our trust based on all the faithfulness you’ve shown us and allow our “yes’s” to you to happen easier as we grow closer to you. It’s in your faithful name we pray, AMEN!

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