Your Plan > My Plan

In 2 Samuel 7, we read a promise given to David by God through the prophet Nathan, which was that David’s family line would carry on forever. (This is fulfilled when Jesus is born; he is a direct descendant of David.) This is the first time we hear about Nathan, but our application tells us that “God made certain that a prophet was living during the reign of each of the kings of Israel…Most of the kings rejected the prophets God sent, but at least God gave them a chance.” It goes on to tell us that in the earlier years priests and judges were the ones who prophesized, we are familiar with Samuel doing this in 1 Samuel. David wanted to build God a temple to house the ark, but in this message given through Nathan, God told David that job was going to be for his son who would become king after him. We are told the reason for this is that David was a warrior, his job as king was to “unify and lead Israel and to destroy its enemies.” (Application) That was a huge task and what the Lord wanted him to focus on and instead of trying to do it all, he accepted it, our application tells us he even got all the supplies ready for his son who would come next to build the temple.

Today’s verse comes in response to Nathan’s message. I love this because scripture tells us that after he received this message that “he went in and sat before the Lord.” (v. 18) This shows his love and gratitude and continued confidence in the Lord. Even knowing he wasn’t going to be the one that gets credit for building the house of the Lord, he comes before God with our verse, “How great you are Sovereign Lord! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you…”(v.22) He may not have gotten to build God’s temple, but his legacy has lived on forever as the Lord promised. David responding in this was shows us “[he was] expressing his humble acceptance of God’s promise to extend his dynasty forever. David realized that these blessing were given to him and his descendants in order that Israel might benefit from them. They would help fulfill God’s greater purpose and promises that through the nation the whole world would be blessed.” (Application)

This gives us a bigger picture, that sometimes God’s “no” to our plans, means a different “yes” to His plan. Have you experienced this? What is something you felt God say no to that you really wanted? When he said no, did you find He gave you a different opportunity? If you haven’t experienced this, journal about a time you felt him say no and how you responded. Did it look the same as David’s response? If not, why? And looking back on past faithfulness, how would you hope you’d respond today?

I feel like worship is important here, that we come before the Lord, together, pouring out our praise for what He has given us!

Great Are You Lord – All Sons & Daughters

Heavenly Father, thank you for this message, for showing us that your plan is far greater than ours and that there is purpose behind your plan. Lord, we know that our flesh tells us to go after what we want, but convict us if what we want isn’t what you want. If we get a no from you, help our hearts to be humble like David’s in response. Help us to look around for a different door that you opened when you closed the other door with your no. Give us the ability to hear your spirit within us guiding our behaviors. You are sovereign Lord, there is no one like you, and there is no God but you. Forgive us if we put our plans above yours and help us to seek your good and perfect plan instead. In your glorious name we pray Lord, AMEN!

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