In The Deep, Deep Waters


In our reading through 2 Samuel 21 and 22, we start to see David in his ending time. First, we see that there had been a famine for three years in a row and David went to the Lord with it. The Lord responds that it is from a past incident with Saul and the Gibeonites. So, David goes to the Gibeonites and tries to make it right. They ask for seven of Saul’s male descendants and David sends them, he does spare Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son, because of the promise he made to him. Our application sheds so much light onto this. It tells us that even though this specific sin against the Gibeonites isn’t mentioned in the Bible, that it was still a serious crime, Saul took revenge on this tribe. And I’m with you here, it seems harsh that all these men had to die because of Saul’s mistake, but back then families were also guilty of the crime the fathers committed. And we learn that David either gave these men over because of that, or they really were the ones guilty of helping Saul kill members of this tribe against the vow the Israelites had made with them then. We go on to see Rizpah, one of Saul’s concubines, go to where these seven men were dead and on display; it tells us she kept birds and animals from getting to them for the entire harvest season, which was April to October!! And when David heard what she was doing, he went and got the bones of Saul and Jonathan (remember the men of Jabesh Gilead had taken them to remove them from being on display from the Philistines) and he buried their bones. “After that, God answered the prayer on behalf of the land.”(21:14)  Looking into it, I read “it wasn’t as if from the time Saul massacred the Gibeonites until David’s day that God did not answer any of Israel’s prayers. Yet there came a time when God wanted to deal with this sin, and at that time He would not answer their prayers until they dealt with it.” ( We then go on to see David retire from fighting. He almost gets killed because he gets exhausted and can’t fight, he is saved by Abishai, and at that point his men tell him that they want him to stay king, so he can’t fight anymore. We see mention of a few other battles and our application tells us that this chapter through the end of the book (four chapters) are not in chronological order. This will be helpful later. And our reading today ends with the most incredible song that David sang, side note- it is almost the exact same song as Psalm 18. But before jumping into our verse for today, there is so much power in this song that we need to talk about it and who it says our God is so that we can cling to and know truth about God. Let’s look at who He is to all of us: my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my refuge, my shield, my stronghold, my savior, he took hold of me, he drew me out of deep waters, he rescued me, my support, you save the humble, my lamp, your way is perfect, your word is flawless, my strength, your help has made me great, the Lord lives, gives great victories and unfailing kindness. Can I get Amen?! God is SO SO good friends!

Let’s jump into a verse from David’s song that stands out “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.” This verse makes God feel so close. Sometimes do you feel like it’s hard to see God as being right there with us, that He is Mighty and it’s little ol’ me down here, but this verse assures us that this is not the case. He cares about us on a personal, individual level. He takes hold of all of us, in the good and the bad, He is with us, always. There is no one that can pull us out of the deep waters like our God can. He desires to do that, that we come to him in the hard so that he can help us out.

Have you ever been in the deep waters? When you went to God with it, how did it change you? Looking back can you see where/when God pulled you out? Write about that experience and thank Him for His faithfulness.

Let’s join in worship and pray today.

Oceans – Hillsong UNITE

Heavenly Father, thank you for this message, thank you for this song from David and thank you that you are ALL these things to us; that you are not so high and mighty that you do not care for us, rather it is the opposite, that even though you are the Lord, you still love and care for each and every one of us on a personal level, intimate level; you meet us in the good and bad, you pull us out of the deep waters and you give us a hope that no one else can. We thank you for your faithfulness and we pray over anyone who is in the deep waters right now, we pray they come to you in the midst and that you take hold of them and pull them out. We love you God, we thank you that you are who you say you are. In your strong, great and glorious name we pray, AMEN!

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