Following The Leader

Let’s jump into 2 Samuel 23. Remember from our application that chapters 21-24 are considered an appendix to this book of the Bible and they are not in chronological order. So, of some of this is going to seem out of place. First, we read David’s last words, which included today’s scripture and we’ll jump into that in a minute. But, 23 then goes on to account for David’s warriors. It breaks them up into two group of his best men, the Thirty and the Three. The Three were the most courageous and great leaders, then it went on to list out the Thirty, although there were 37 listed, our application teaches us that it is because some died and then new members took their place in this group. We see an act of offering to the Lord in this as well, David is in battle and the Three break out of the battle to get David water as he was talking about his thirst. Well, the men return with his water and he pours it out. “David would not drink this water that represented the lives of his soldiers. Instead, he offered it to God.” (Application) I want to touch on David’s military for a moment, in reading a commentary on all David’s men, I was reminded how diverse they were. Remember when David was out in hiding and trying to escape Saul? He started building a military while he was fleeing, so we’re told this group of men came from all over, some were relatives, some were in trouble with the law and some just felt like an outcast, but they all had one thing in common, their devotion for David. I think that tells us a lot about how it is possible for greatness to be achieved through ALL God’s people, that despite differences we can be united in our devotion to the LORD. This also teaches us the importance of being a good leader, which leads us right back into our scripture.

We are all leaders, seriously! If you have anyone younger than you that even possibly watches you or a single follower on any social media platform, you are a leader. I loved how it says that David was a good leader because he was following his Leader, God. And that’s exactly what David is saying in our verse. When we lead in righteousness and fearing the Lord, the good and the beautiful shine through.

Who are you a leader to? How does it impact you knowing you are a leader? Do you feel you reflect the Lord in your place of leadership? Do you feel you are you following the one Leader or is there another leader that tends to grab your attention/ways?

Lord, thank you for this reading, thank you for this story where we can learn the importance of leadership. Lord, we know that you have placed people in our lives who view us as a leader, help us to reflect you, that when they look at us, they get a glimpse of you. That despite all our differences, we can all come together in our devotion to you God. You are our leader, help us to keep you as our leader and convict our hearts if we start following the wrong leader. We know the importance of this and the weight it holds, guide us into your way of being a leader. It’s in your Great name we pray, AMEN!

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