Summer In The Psalms

I am so excited to share with you what I have been working on for us this summer. My littles and I are officially on summer break and I want to take the summer to focus on spending as much time with them as possible, but I still really wanted to keep us in the Word together, so I created a summer reading plan for us, Summer in the Psalms. This summer we will read through the entire book of Psalms.

I don’t just want to leave you with a reading plan though because as we have learned going through our devotionals, when we reflect on the Word and try to dig into it, we get so much more out of it. So, today I also want to share with you the way of reading the Bible that changed everything for me; this was actually that way that lead me straight into writing these devotionals. It is called “Journal the Journey” by Joanna Weaver, shared in one of my favorite books Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Here is what she shares for us:

“While many people keep journals of daily events and feelings, a Bible reading highlights journal records what God is saying to us through his Word and our response to him. Here is the format that I’ve found works well for me.

Date_________________________ What I read today_________________________________

Best thing I marked today: Reference: ___________________________________________ Thought:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How it impressed me: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

-Joanna Weaver, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

As we go through our reading plan, my hope is that you use this above reflection to get more out of your time this summer. Grab a notebook in your quiet time and while you read, dig into it. These chapters in Psalms are short for the most part, but they are filled with so much goodness and they give us the opportunity to really see the character of God. I am so excited for your summer in this book.

Here is our reading plan month by month (May – August). My plan is to print out these calendars and cross off each day as I journal through them.

Friends, I hope you enjoy your summer, this reading plan and reflection and I pray you grow closer to the Lord.

*Journal the Journey – Joanna Weaver

*Calendar design :

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